We’ve Got Personality

Repurposed and Refined began like many other businesses with a classic tale of two women who have a love to decorate, but had a limited budget.  The two women decided they would cut costs by purchasing and painting unwanted furniture themselves.  They first painted furniture for their own homes and then for their friends.  From there the hobby grew from a few yard sale finds to visiting auctions and flea markets.  It was an addiction, they were in search of finding unique and inexpensive pieces to repurpose- refine and give a new life.

Over time, friends began to ask Denise and Bobbi to help them with pieces for their homes and before they knew it there was a group of followers who raved about the work.  In the meantime, the women decided to take the small business to the next level.  They were hoping to lease space in a barn, vintage shops, or anywhere customers could view and purchase the pieces.  However, the women could not get their foot in the door, or in this case, their furniture in the door.

After searching Bobbi and Denise were able to find a terrific location, a warehouse, to showcase their finds once a month. The warehouse is unique as there is ample room for customers to roam without bumping into products or other customers. The space is so large that typically there are no lines and plenty of space to move around. In addition to lots of space, the girls are able to offer their findings at lower prices than Frederick County, Howard County, DC, and Virginia shops. Another great service, if you do not have a truck or van, Denise and Bobbi have movers on speed dial that you can hire (you won’t believe how reasonable they are.)

The ladies love helping others and sharing with others their love for anything vintage new and old.  Come visit REPURPOSED AND REFINED Vintage Warehouse.  See their beautiful finds, talk with their designers, and let them share their secrets with you.  The warehouse is located at 525 Northern Avenue in Hagerstown, MD 21742 open the 3rd weekend of every month.  We are also a proud retailer of  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and this can be purchased seven days a week at two locations:

1- Beaver Creek Antique Market 20202 National Pike Hagerstown, MD 21740 301.331.9963 OPEN 7 DAYS

2- Repurposed and Refined Transformation Station 217 W Patrick Street Frederick, MD 301.331.9963 or 240.285.6270 Open every day 11-5 except TUES & THURS CLOSED


 FEBRUARY SALE IS February 21,22,23

  • March 21,22,23
  • April 18-20
  • May 16-18
  • June 20-22
  • July 18-20
  • August 15-17
  • September 19-21
  • October 17-19
  • November 21-23
  • December 6-7