Leaf & Foil Size by Artisan Enhancements® is a clear, odorless, low VOC water based medium to be used for all foil and leafing projects. Once applied it provides a flawless tacky surface for the application of metallic leafing and foils.

Leaf & Foil Size will not discolor your treated surface and has been formulated for a smooth and easy application.  Size can be rolled or brushed on, will tack up within 45 – 60 minutes and will remain tacky until the top coat is applied.

Leaf & Foil Size is a highly versatile product which works well with the entire Artisan Enhancements® line, as well as other decorative paint lines.


Recommended Use: Leaf & Foil Size can be used over latex, oil and water based paints.  Can be used on furniture, cabinetry, mouldings, walls, ceilings, and previously painted nonporous surfaces.


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