A friends perspective… Who knew it would be relaxing???

Here is a note that we received from our friend Nancy this morning after we introduced her to painting and Annie Sloan Paint, all in one evening…..

Nancy wrote: Last night I got to hang out with the fun loving girls of Repurposed and Refined! They were doin’ what they love to do….. creating. They threw me a brush and let me join in. I started to paint and we were having fun talking awhile ( you cannot even imagine the topics of conversation, wheeew) and then it was quiet. You know, the kind of quiet you dream of after having a hectic day at work or hearing the sounds of loud kids picking on each other all day?

The girls began to wonder if I liked painting. I was so into it, then they asked, I didn’t really answer. If you knew me, you would’ve thought I was sick because normally you can’t shut me up!

There were three of us painting inside a morning room. Painting in a morning room! This paint is so awesome! It did not even smell like paint. It didn’t make a mess like paint. It is so easy to clean out of the brushes. There are alot of colors to choose from and ways to create different looks with this paint. It’s called Annie Sloan paint. I cannot wait to use it again and learn more about all of the different ways it can be used!

I got home and I guess my relaxed state was noticeable because my daughter asked if I went to paint or take a nap! Thank you Repurposed and Refined for a fun and relaxing evening!

There you go ladies~! We have converted another over from the latex side! Nancy is a wonderful and fun friend. We had such a good time talking and painting. Thanks for the note that we could share. Hugs & Brushes!

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