Annie Sloan Chalkpaint-Paris Grey over Old White

A couple of months ago we blogged about a hutch we were painting with Paris Grey over Old White and several of our readers requested a picture. We kept meaning to post pictures as many had requested but the piece sold and we had no pictures. As a new blogger, we don’t know what we are doing 😉 and we forget to add photos, and we are the worst at before and after. Anyway…..

We found a beautiful old desk at an out of state auction that was scratched and had some minor issues. We could see past all her imperfections and knew what was on the inside. So, we brought her back to Maryland and decided she was a perfect candidate for Annie’s Paris Grey over Old White ( we would duplicate our steps on the desk that we had used on the hutch).

We cleaned the piece with a damp cloth. We opened our Old White and applied the first coat. We weren’t worried about full coverage as we planned to distress the piece. Once the first coat was dry, we applied the coat of Paris Grey. While the paint was drying we mixed our glaze (this is a mixture of Annie’s dark wax and low odor mineral spirits). Before beginning to apply the glaze, I took a 220 sanding block and hit the edges and ornate areas. Some of the areas we sanded until we could see the dark wood, and other areas we sanded until the old white began to peek through. Once we had all areas distressed we brushed on the glaze. This process is so easy and quick. Once the glaze was applied, we took a cheese cloth, and wiped back any excess. Now the piece was dry so we could begin to buff with an old white t-shirt (this was my favorite way to buff until recently, we now have a secret weapon that we will share with you soon- stay tuned).

Here is the finished piece, be sure to let us know what you think. Now, we have to apologize because we are new to this blogging and that means the pictures are not the greatest quality but we promise to get better…. What do you think?

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