Annie Sloan Chalkpaint-Paris Grey over Old White

Working on a new piece that I cannot wait to share with you ladies.  I’m using my favorite paint, Annie Sloan Chalkpaint, and my favorite technique.  I am applying two coats of paint (by choice) because I like to have a contrast of color with my pieces.  I tend to use Old White as my first coat with most colors.  My favorite lately is Old White and then a coat of Paris Grey.

  • I apply my first coat, not very thick, do not worry about complete coverage, particularly if the wood is dark.  The second coat I apply heavier and give complete coverage.

  • Allow paint to dry, which is very quick, then apply a coat of clear wax (remember, less is more).  Be sure to remove the excess wax, allow to dry, and buff lightly.

  • Take a sanding block (approximately 100/200 grit) and begin sanding areas that would be worn.  I usually sand legs, sides, and around groves.  This is the time to sand other areas lightly to bring some of the background color through.

  • Now you are ready for my favorite part.  Instead of using dark wax straight on to give the piece an aged appearance I like to make a glaze.  A glaze is so easy to work with and I just love the control.   To make your glaze simply grab an old container, preferably with a lid.  ( I love to purchase the metal,  one quart,  empty paint cans at Lowes for $2.99) Add some low odor mineral spirits and Annie Sloan dark wax.  Close the container and shake vigorously.  Open the container and now you have a terrific glaze to apply.  I like to take a brush and apply the glaze to a large area, working sections of the piece.  I allow the glaze to sit until it begins to dry (do not allow to dry).  Take an old cloth (I love using my boys old white cotton t-shirts that they’ve grown out of) and begin to remove the glaze, leave some of the glaze in the groves and crevices which will give the piece a bit of the aged appearance.   Once you have applied the glaze to the entire piece wait until it dries completely and buff.  The next day give it a final buff and you’ve created your own French piece.

  • Painting with our paint should always be a pleasure. If it’s feeling like hard work then maybe the paint is too thick, add some water to make the paint flow easily.

  • Are you working with a small brush? Switch to a bigger one to get the job done quickly.

  • If it is hard work rubbing back with the sandpaper then use a coarser sand paper but next time paint a thinner top coat.

Until next time,  Hugs & Brushes



6 thoughts on “Annie Sloan Chalkpaint-Paris Grey over Old White

  1. Hey, Just jumping over from Miss Mustard Seed. I have found another fun, imformitive blog to follow. Yay!

    CAn’t wait to see the new piece done with Paris Gray over Old White from ASCP.

    I just picked up a piece that NEEDS Paris Gray. Now I need to get me some:)

  2. Where do I leave a comment to be entered for Miss Mustard Seeds Annie Sloan’s paint and workshop ticket giveaway? I would love to go and learn from the “master”.. I would pick the colors provence and graphite if I was the lucky winner.

  3. I’ll be in attendance at the AS workshop this weekend in Leesburg! I cannot wait -super excited to learn, as I am a complete newbie. I look forward to meeting you there too!

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