Annie Sloan Project: Metal Mirror Makeover

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Happy Monday everyone! We hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend and survived with all your fingers and toes! We certainly enjoyed the sunny weather on Saturday, as well as the fireworks and cookouts that come with celebrating our nation’s birthday. It was just the weekend we needed before gearing up for our July Warehouse Sale. This week, we’ll be up to our noses in furniture makeovers and work, work, work–getting ready to bring you a warehouse full of beautiful vintage items!

Today, we thought we’d take a moment to share a fun little project from our downtown Frederick store. Recently, we received a shipment of these little metal mirrors. Cute, but nothing fancy. We decided to give them a little sprucing up before placing them out on the store floor.


We spend so much time painting large furniture items– and we love it! But sometimes its nice to work on a small project. Smaller items give us the opportunity to play around with colors and textures we don’t use as often. If you’re interested in a bold Annie Sloan chalkpaint color or technique, we recommend trying it out on a small project like this. It’ll give you an opportunity to “test it out” before devoting a larger item and a lot of time to the color.

Annie Sloan Tip: You CAN paint metal with Annie Sloan chalkpaint. These mirrors had a painted metal frame. We had no trouble painting them with the chalkpaint. For this project, we did not sand first. However, if you’re worried about your painting surface, you can always lightly sand before painting. 

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Materials used: Annie Sloan Louis Blue chalkpaint, Annie Sloan Old White chalkpaint, Annie Sloan Versailles chalkpaint, Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk chalkpaint, soft clear wax, soft dark wax, sand paper, paint brushes, rags, and paper towels.


For these four mirrors, we used a variety of techniques. On two of them, we decided to keep it simple and just go with distressed Old White. You can never go wrong with antique white. It truly suits any decor style. We simply painted the mirrors, added some distress marks, and waxed with Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax. Voila! A lovely little accent mirror.


For the two colorful mirrors, we varied it up a bit. One this mirror, we first painted a base coat of Old White, then drybrushed the Versailles color on top. Versailles is not a color we use often, but every time we break out a can of it, we’re reminded of how lovely it actually is. It’s a very soft, muted green. Once the paint had dried, we lightly distressed the mirror frame and finished it with a coat of Soft Clear Wax. (See our previous post for a tutorial on drybrushing.)


The final mirror may be my personal favorite! For this mirror, we flexed our DIY muscles and got colorful. This mirror began with a base coat of Emperor’s Silk. Once it had dried, we went over with two coats of Louis Blue. Next, we lightly distressed to allow the poppy red color to show through the blue. In other places, we heavily distressed to bring out the metal frame’s original color. Finally, we finished off with two coats of Soft Dark Wax to give the entire mirror a subtle patina. I love this mirror– if stocking the store wasn’t necessary, I would love to take it home with me. It turned out so lovely– a true testament to the versatility of Annie Sloan chalkpaint!

Stop by and pick up one of these little beauties for yourself. They’re on our floor now for just $19– a total steal!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Vintage Warehouse sale.

Hugs & Blessings!


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