Annie Sloan Techniques Workshop

Think you are not creative? Think you cannot refinish your own furniture and give it new life? Well, think again! We are going to teach you that is not true! Anyone can learn to repurpose their furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and waxes.

We offer a “Learning the basics of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop.” You will spend the day learning the basics plus some additional information. You will learn about our clear wax, dark wax, mixing waxes, crackling the paint, applying a two color distress finish, color wash, liming technique, and the silky smooth Modern Finish technique (which is one of our favorites). You will learn hands on with sample boards and we will provide you with a project that you will paint during the workshop. Allowing you to work with the paint while we train you will allow you the opportunity to ask questions as we go along.

Not only will you learn about the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but you’ll make new friends and have lots of laugh.

So, what are you waiting for? Our workshops fill up quickly.

Hugs & Brushes,

Denise and Bobbi

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