Chalk Paint— Where have you been all my life!

Annie Sloan chalk paint!  One question ” where have you been all my life?”  I absolutely love the chalk paint so I’ve decided to be a mini stockist.  What a year this has been.  While working on being a stockist for Annie Sloan I’ve met the most wonderful lady, Celeste.  Celeste is a stockist for Annie Sloan and she is the owner of Catfish Creative Furnishings, check out her website and blog.  She is truly a wonderful, hysterically funny, and kind lady! I am excited about working with her as we work more and more with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products.

I’ve been working with the chalk paint and I just love it.  I feel like a little kid again; I mix, paint, rub, add water, and just keep on until I achieve the perfect look that I want (I kind of feel like a chemist).  There is so many wonderful things about the chalk paint and I can’t wait to share my experiences and some of the photos.  In addition, we want to hear from all of you.  What are your favorite colors, what works well for you, what does not seem to work.

Remember, I have that full time job too!  My posts might be sporadic but keep checking with us.

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