Dreaming of a Warehouse

What a restless night filled with dreams of the warehouse.  Last night Denise and I met with several of the other ladies who will be joining us at the warehouse when we open in October. I dreamt all night long envisioning all of the creative and different ideas that were discussed during our meeting.   We are more excited now than ever to get this show on the road.

We always thought when we opened our very own shop it would be in a barn or an old farmhouse but in traditional Bobbi and Denise fashion we wanted something different than what everyone else was offering so we began to think outside of the box and low and behold we now have a warehouse.  Not just a warehouse but a big, bold, gorgeous building that will be used as an empty canvas for us and the other girls to mold and shape into our designer studio full of eye candy.

This is going to be a wonderful venture for us, we cannot wait to fill you in on more details. 

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