Five Benefits of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We are undoubtedly the biggest fans of Annie Sloan chalk paint and products. We often chat with first-time users of Annie Sloan’s paints and hear all the compliments. Our customers love the fact that Annie Sloan’s chalk paint works with the artist. It is easy to manipulate, wash, detail and distress however and whenever desired. You can be a novice or a furniture refurbishing pro – the paint simply helps you get the job done!

It is hard for us to narrow down only five benefits of using Annie Sloan chalk paint. We can think of about a thousand reasons why you should give it a try. Anyone can learn to repurpose their furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and waxes.

  • Chalk paint has a matte finish. You can easily manipulate the luster or finish of your furniture by buffing.
  • Paint and waxes are versatile: You can manipulate by using clear wax, dark wax, mixing waxes, crackle the paint, applying a two color distress finish, color wash, liming technique, and the silky smooth Modern Finish technique (which is one of our favorites).
  • Brush strokes disappear as the paint dries to a smooth finish. The strokes of your brush allow you to create a time-worn look on furniture.
  • You do not have to use a separate primer! You can also use a furniture wax to seal the paint.
  • Annie Sloan chalk paint lasts! We often hear of one can being enough to complete more than one furniture repurposing project.

We can think of many more benefits of using Annie Sloan chalk paint on furniture, kitchen cabinets and other materials. Would you like to share with us your favorite techniques and discoveries? We’d love to hear it!

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