Found Again….

Let me first introduce myself for those of you who have been following but have not heard from me.  I am Bobbi aka “Grunge” the other half to this operation.

The past few weeks I have been struggling with finding my creativity again as well as any inspiration to even begin to paint, well folks tonight I found it.  Denise is a HUGE fan of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and I myself have not had the pleasure of working with it until tonight.  I do believe I will be on the chalk paint bandwagon. 

I met Denise at her house this evening to do a little work on a piece she has been working on and a new piece recently purchased.  The piece I started working on is an old quaint low dresser with a tall mirror which is very cute.  It has adorable round legs and a few touches of detail which make it absolutely gorgeous.  I was undecided on what color is should be because quite honestly after the last batch of furniture we did I think it is safe to assume we are both over plain white for now.  Denise suggested I use Annie’s Paris Gray, no regrets.  After a few coats of paint a little wax and elbow grease we both LOVE it!!!  Thus the title found again, I have found my creativity again and I cannot wait to post pictures and have this available in the store for your viewing pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Found Again….

  1. I really what to try that paint.. My fav color is the paris gray, I would like some pic's please:)


  2. Hi Melissa, welcome back! We've been working on some new pieces and one of those beauties happens to be in your favorite color. We hope to give you a peak this evening. She is not completely ready but she is getting there. As a southerner, we like to be sure we are completely together before stepping out, however I think this will be a special occasion and we will give you a glance of our beauty…. Hugs back!

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