French Country Table Makeover

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For several months, this little black pedestal endtable sat unused in our Frederick shop. It wasn’t particularly ugly. It just wasn’t particularly pretty. Tired of seeing its dull black visage every day, we decided last Friday to provide the table with an Annie Sloan chalkpaint makeover.

Here’s the “before” picture, along with a glimpse into our back workshop at the Frederick store. Pardon the trash can and vacuum– such are the realities of the creative life! Messy, messy, messy behind the scenes.

sad table

As you can see, the table was quite shabby and boring. It wasn’t horrible. It just didn’t showcase the full ability of what we do at Repurposed and Refined. So, we threw on our painting smocks and got to work. In the South, we love color. So we were immediately drawn to a jar of Antibes Green that hadn’t been used in awhile. Sales sense always dictates that white pieces tend to sell more quickly. However, sometimes you just have to get creative.

Materials Used: Annie Sloan Chalkpaint Antibes Green, Annie Sloan Chalkpaint Louis Blue, Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax, Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax, chalkpaint brushes, rags for waxing and buffing, and paper towels


Refinishing the table to have this distressed French-country appearance was much easier than it seemed. Surprisingly, the whole project took less than an hour. We simply began by quickly brushing a thick coat of Antibes Green over the entire table. Once that had mostly dried, we applied a second coat of Louis Blue using an dry-brush technique. (If you’ve never attempted dry-brushing before, check out this video tutorial. But don’t worry, it’s not hard.)

Once the paint had dried, we applied the Anine Sloan Soft Clear Wax, using a clean rag. Because the workshop stays warm in the summertime, we were able to immediately go back and buff the table. The warm temperatures caused everything to dry very quickly, which helped speed up the entire project. Finally,we applied a second coat of wax using Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax. The dark wax gave the table it’s old world patina.

Pssst… Here’s a little hint: if you apply clear wax before dark wax, you can more easily control the stain and spread of the dark.

green table


green table2

green table3

We are so pleased with the way this little table turned out. Rather than looking sad and dull, it now has a unique French-Country flair. The dark wax patina is what really sets it off. It will easily suit a French-country, eclectic, or Southern decor style. By accident, it perfectly matches these pale blue armchairs by Haute Haus already in the shop. We can’t wait to see who this little table goes home with!

If you have any questions about furniture refinishing, chalkpaint, or custom furniture orders, please don’t hesitate to contact us or to ask in the comments below.  Hugs & Blessings!

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