How to Use Milk Paint Like a Pro

Painting furniture with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Look at that beauty painted by Miss Mustard Seed with her specialized milk paint! We are in awe. As soon as we received our first package of milk paint we knew this would be a furniture painting journey to remember. The color is brilliant, the finish is weather and fascinating, and the process is fun! We cannot wait to show you finished products at our next tag sale and feature milk paint finishes in our warehouse.

Milk Paint comes in a brown paper bag in a powdered form and has to be mixed with water. The mixing part is not difficult, just a step to get used to. Milk Paint, similar to other popular furniture paints, does not require a primer. A bonding agent can be used to create a better grip for non-porous surfaces. We recommend skipping the bonding agent if you are trying to create a weathered/antiqued look with milk paint. The bonding agent is added to the paint, so it does not require a seperate application.As far as preparation goes the process is simple, clean the piece that you plan to paint, no need to sand or scuff before applying paint. You can use either a furniture wax or poly topcoat to protect the paint from moisture and wear, which we recommend.
We love that Milk Paint can be mixed to create custom colors. The colors mix beautifully. The available colors are definitely more “primitive country” with mustard yellows and barn reds, but they have some beautiful blues, greens and grays and all colors can be mixed to suit your taste.
Milk Paint distresses beautifully. The paint can crack and flake off, creating a chipped effect. You can create amazing looks with distressing, polishing, wiping, and any other technique.

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