Our creations coming soon!

Okay, so we spent 5 hours last night working on some new pieces.  One is wide and and has short legs.  She has a fabulous personality and I think she’s traveled many places, wouldn’t it be great if we knew the history?  The family she was with, how old she really is, of course a lady never tells, right?   She came to me dark, dirty, and wrinkled, so we’ve been working on a complete transformation.  She is now vibrant and energetic.  When she is in a room people will stop and look, some may whistle at her short stubby legs but they will not forget her…… Have I peaked your interest?  She will make her semi formal appearance this evening. 

Then we worked on a real beauty.  We must be honest and tell you she came to us with a few wrinkles and she was a light blonde, over all she was in great shape. We decided that she should be freshened up with a very special color, which would really brighten her up and make her really shine.  Can you guess what chalk paint color we used?   She will make her semi-formal appearance this evening too.  We think they will both just shine.

See you tonight.

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