Painting Furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We ran across a recent Annie Sloan interview with a local paper. Annie Sloan was in the U.S. to teach and also talk about her latest book, “Quick and Easy Paint Transformations: 50 Step-by-Step Ways to Makeover Your Home for Next to Nothing” (Cico). We thought the interview was great and Annie highlighted some of the reasons why her paint has become a darling of so many repurposed and refined designers.

As we mentioned before, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is versatile and simple, requiring no primer.  Annie Sloan invented the paint the carries her name. “I was painting furniture and walls, but I was finding it difficult because I liked one sort of paint, but it’s very expensive and had limited color range,” said the designer.  Besides talking about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint she went on to give DIYers some great advice on scoring secondhand furniture that is worth refinishing. Annie said that a good bargain is something with stained wood that sellers will think is too difficult to get rid of, so they sell it cheaply. Even furniture with veneer or damage can be painted over. Look at the big picture and the shape of the piece in order to imagine what your finished project will look like. Furniture pieces with damage and chips offer character.

Annie even suggests painting over old hardware instead of removing or replacing it. “You paint, wax and treat, and get it back into a room in one day,” said Annie Sloan. Taking off hardware is not necessary. Some ornate hardware may be difficult or not go back on the right way.

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