Quick Way To Give Old Furniture a New Look With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Chalk paint, as opposed to the usual latex paint, is a heavily pigmented acrylic paint that can stick to any surface: glass, furniture, wood, floors, ceramics, or else.

Annie Sloan chalk paint can give an old antique look to an piece of furniture you’ve been wanting to restore but just didn’t have the time to, and it can add an accent to anything you wish to decorate. It can even give a pottery barn finish to an old picture frame.

What’s more amazing about chalk paint is the varieties of things you can do with it while only having to take minimal steps. There’s no sanding, stripping or priming the surface beforehand–you just brush on the chalk paint, wax it and wait to dry.

Annie Sloan chalk paint comes in 29 color choices that can be mixed to create a variety of looks. Another benefit from this paint is the drying time, which is fast compared to other paints, and combined with the fact that there are very few steps, Annie Sloan chalk paint makes it very fun and less time consuming.

Can’t decide on a color choice of Annie Sloan chalk paint? Sample sizes of Annie Sloan chalk paint will be available to buy from our two brick and mortar locations, as well as through our online store. Visit our online store for Annie Sloan chalk paint products. We are taking pre-orders! Until we have the product added to our website you can order via a contact form on our website. Email us your paint color choice and we will email you an invoice via Paypal. You can make a safe payment via Paypal so that we can ship the product.

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