K I T C H E N   R E F R E S H

Keeping your existing cabinetry we use Chalk Paint® to completely refresh your and revitalize your kitchen.


kitchen 1 kitchen after2

C U S T O M   F U R N I T U R E   P A I N T I N G

Do you have a piece of furniture that still has good bones, but needs a face lift?  Let us work our magic and you will fall in love with your furniture all over again.

BEFORE:furniture before

AFTER:furniture after


R O O M   R E D E S I G N S

Redesign is the art of decorating your home by shopping from items you already own as well as recommending additions to further enhance your living space. Redesign provides similar services of an interior designer but at much lower price. You can do the entire house or just one room, either way we can help.  We also offer a full service redesign if you are not up to tackling the moving process yourself.