So New…….

Well, here we are.  We finally took some additional time to start a blog and share our adventures of finding the perfect vintage pieces.  Bobbi and I are dear friends who  share the love of repurposing old and unwanted furniture.  Once we find that special piece we work to restore it to a new beauty to be enjoyed by many.   Would you throw out an old wrinkled person?  Would you give the dog away because he was slow and not so vibrant as when he was a puppy?  No, you would not do those things.  Why would you just throw a piece of old furniture in the dumpster to lay around and decay?  These pieces of furniture have been in someone’s home, shared someone’s life experiences, and been a part of someone’s history.   We decided you wouldn’t do these things.  We decided we would find these unwanted creatures and make them something special again.

Our initial intent was to find the unwanted pieces and restore them for our friends and family.  Then one day we decided to sell some pieces, then this grew into something bigger and bigger each month.   However, quite often the pieces find there way into our personal homes instead of to the shop!  Can you hear our husband’s now?  You see, Bobbi and I started out in the primitive furniture business.  We would travel and find furniture makers that supplied us with beautiful reproductions.  As we traveled we then started stopping at an occasional flea market, which some how turned into finding the perfect out of the way auction, which turned into seeing an old piece of furniture on a porch and stopping to negotiate why the piece would look great at our home.  This went on and on until we finally realized we had such a love for finding old pieces and then repurposing them.  Once we started repurposing the furniture we could not stop.  The passion continues to grow and our adventures continue on and on.  We meet the most wonderful people and furniture.  Yes, we speak about furniture if it were a person.  We love to describe the curves, the legs, the tone of their skin ( I mean of their wood) the beautiful hardware, as if it were someone’s sister, friend, mother, and so on.  Who knew what was to come!  As we learn more about the blog world we will begin to share our experiences and our furniture pieces.  You see, not only do we enjoy the hunt of the treasure, but we enjoy the wonderfu people who lead us there.  We can’t wait to share more of our journeys with you……. Welcome to Repurposed and Refined…. Where you are never too old to be chic again!

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