Tweeting…. I thought that’s what birds do?

Okay, so we have this fabulous business that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Before I go any further, please know that we love the business and feel so BLESSED!  Now, with that disclaimer out of the way…..Tweeting???? It took us a while to get the blogging, which we really do not have or completely understand yet.  Then we meet with our web designers and they tell us we need to be socializing more.  Socializing more?  We are thinking okay, we were just at several sporting events, attended a recent birthday party, hung out at the beach with friends, attended a barbeque, and took a painting class, doesn’t that sound like we are socializing?  Anyone?   Our “young” and “witty” designer said “socializing more on the web, facebook, twitter, and blogging.”  As our eyes roll and our heads were wanting to nod “no.”  We slide down in our seats because we knew there was a very brief and quick overview of web socializing coming.  We sat through, and absorbed the information and decided they were right,it was time.  It was time to take that big leap and dive into it all.  So, in the past month we started a web page, face book page, blog site, and this month it would be TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTER.  Ugh, we are officially tweeters!  I know there may be a little cynicism to my writing but believe me, I think it’s interesting but with adding all this new means of communication did anyone think to extend the day beyond 24 hours?  Not only do we have full time careers, we have a paint business, vintage furniture business, four children and two husbands between us, homes to maintain, sporting events, volunteer obligations, friends, extended family, sleep overs, dogs, warehouse renovations,  and the list goes on . We bet most of  you reading can totally relate, right?  Okay, now that it is out of our system,  we can say “we are now proud tweeters (without the total pain of giving birth- most of it but not all of it — smiles).”  Please feel sorry for us and follow us.  I can’t promise it will always be interesting, but it will be something.  Oh, and we hear that if you follow us, we can follow you, that we like.  So, let’s all start tweeting and sharing our stories about our furniture and paint fetish!!!  P.S. If we are spelling tweeting and tweeters wrong, please do not tell us, it will be okay for us.  Hugs and Brushes to you all!

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