What is it?

What is large, spacious, has 4 walls of steel, 3 loading docks, no windows, steel beams, and concrete floors…. a warehouse!  Yes, while everyone is working in their barns or wonderful vintage shops, we will be working out of a large warehouse! Instead of lovely barn sales we will be having warehouse tag sales and we are excited.   It may sound boring to you, but to us, it is like owning a piece of the Spelling Mansion priced at $120 Million and showcasing our work…This is such a wonderful opportunity for myself and associates. 

I recently wrote to someone and said that when my friend offered this large space at an amazing price, I jumped up and yelled “yes… yes…. yes” sounding like a young woman (which I am not) who was just proposed to!  When I walked out of the meeting, suddenly I was so hot, palms were perspiring, head was dizzy, knees were weak, and I could feel the panic, how would we do this!  We have this large space and not nearly enough inventory to fill it, what had I done!  Well, what did I do? I reached out to the vintage online queen and asked her advice on how to reach out to other women. Women who have a dream of selling and sharing their vintage painted furniture and furnishings but have not because of limited financial resources or no space,  and who just did not know how to get started. If you have any ideas on how I can reach out and find talented, down to earth, hardworking women with terrific sense of decorating and laughter, please email me.  This is a great opportunity to put together a creative team to provide some wonderful decor services and products.  Know someone? Are you someone who loves to upcycle old furniture and furnishings?  Someone who has a limited budget?  Someone who loves to co-exist and inspire other creative women? A stay at home mom who is creative and no outlet or time to display it?   If so, email us.  The space is large (approximately 15×15) and the fee is only $175.00 per month, no additional fees etc. 

Okay, it is extremely late and I need some rest!  Tomorrow Bobbi and I are working on some terrific chalk paint pieces!  It is my hope to share some photos on my next posting, so stay tuned! 

Make it a creative and memorable day!

Girls of Repurposed and Refined!

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